9/11 — 17 years ago, or 6,209 days. Revelations to drop?

Today is 9/11 and being a Queens, NY, Irish Catholic I knew so many good people who perished that day in lower Manhattan. People who simply got up, showered, went to work, never to come home.

My neighbor across the street growing up. A former girlfriend’s brother, a high school classmate’s father, the newlywed husband of my son’s teacher, countless firemen I knew.

People from all different parts of my life gone. The churches in the suburbs around New York were having funerals everyday for months — some with empty coffins.

This all happen 17 years ago — 6209 days ago  add up the days and you get 17 — but it is still fresh in my mind.

So why is 17 popping up on this anniversary? Q is the 17th letter in the alphabet.

Will there be a revelation coming today? A news drop to shed light on this horrific event?

I can’t say for sure, but I will be monitoring, looking for a crumb to help me say these people did not die in vain. That the real perpetrators will be charged and convicted.



Post Labor Day fireworks on the way

As the Labor Day sun sets in the west, the US now moves into a serious season.

Gone are the days of summer and vacations. Coming up is debt ceiling, contentious Congress and the historically challenging season on Wall Street.

As the three situations cited above play out, there are other challenges to the status quo.

The Charlottesville demonstration was perhaps a prelude to a late summer and fall unrest as both alts (right and left) take to the streets in smaller cities, not equipped to handle hostilities. Both these groups have little widespread acceptance, but will be given ample TV coverage in a chase for ratings.

Could North Korea actually launch a missile towards an US territory? I believe that will happen. It would not surprise me in the least if the NoKo leader Kim Jun Un sends a bomb towards Guam or another atoll in the Pacific on Sept. 12, which puts it on Sept. 11 in the US.

Should a missile attack happen, that would take care of the first two problems — the debt ceiling and a divided Congress — as both sides of the aisle now have a common enemy to unite against in North Korea.

Wall Street and its seasonal liquidity problems in Sept. and Oct. could see an initial crash, followed by further volatility as the Asian countries react to US response.

Let’s just say the Chinese proverb of “may you live in interesting times,” may play out very ironically this fall.

Saudi's US grip is more than oil

Crude oil prices cratered 3% overnight paring earlier losses as OPEC and Russia failed to agree on cutting output to support higher prices in Doha talks.

Equity markets across the globe sold off on the news that the collusion between the oil-producing monopoly and US and Russia broke down.

Into this backdrop we have other news coming out of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi royals are threatening to sell of their 4% stake in US debt, should a bill make it through Congress, that would allow families that lost loved ones in the 9/11 attack to sue the oil-rich country over its role of financing the terror attacks.

The Saud family holds nearly $1 trillion in US government securities, which it threatened to liquidate in a fire sale to avoid having the cache attached to a survivor lawsuit.

The bill, co-sponsored by New York Sen. Charles Schumer, would remove immunity given to a foreign nations if the country’s government is found responsible for a terrorist attack on US soil — which could make the Saudi government vulnerable to a federal lawsuit by the families of 9/11 victims.

At the heart of the matter is a 28-page report detailing the Saudi’s financing of the terrorist plot as well as fanning the jihadist fervor with recruitment and organizational support prior to the attack.

Much of the complicity between the White House and the Saudi government has been laid out, such as the Saudi’s being able to fly hundreds of its citizens out of the US on 9/12 and 9/13 despite there being a no-fly order for all others.

So this is what we get for shipping trillions to a sand pit in the Middle East. And the fact that these deceitful people colluded to raise oil prices to gouge more of our money is sheer lunacy that we put up with it.