Day 3 of impeachment: Expect more “Russia, Russia, Russia”

As I wrote on Wednesday, the Democratic House Managers for the impeachment including Rep. Adam Schiff backed up all the testimonies of the Atlantic Council members, while denigrating anyone who believed the conspiracy theory of Ukraine interference in 2016 for the Democrats.

We saw Atlantic Council member Fiona Hill’s video testimony numerous times essentially saying, “Russia, Russia, Russia”. We also heard how Obama’s Intelligence staff confirmed it was Russia.

These are the same intel people who could be facing indictments in two months about abusing the FISA court as well as leading SpyGate against a sitting president.

Yet, we are suppose to believe them that Ukraine did not aid and abet the Democrats in the 2016 election.

This is why the Dems needed to speed up the proceedings in the House impeachment hearings in Dec., so that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi could game the system and begin the current trial before US Attorney John Durham finishes his investigation.

Durham is looking into all the foreign involvement in the 2016 election run up, including Five Eyes spying by England, Canada, New Zealand and Austraila.

It’s believed that the Atlantic Council using encrypted Blackberry communications ran covert operations out of Ukraine with the aid of CrowdStrike.

The Atlantic Council is lead by General James Jones, who is the former National Security Advisor for Obama. The group has major funding ties to the Ukraine including benefactor Dmitri Alperovitch, who is the founder of CrowdStrike, and Victor Pinchuk of Burisma.

As a program guide for any viewers of Thursday’s impeachment trial, here are the Dem’s witnesses with ties to the Atlantic Council:

  • Marie Yovanovitch, the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine.
  • Bill Taylor, who replaced Yovanovich as top diplomat in Ukraine.
  • Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a National Security Council aide who worked on Ukraine.
  • George Kent, a senior State Department official.
  • Fiona Hill, former director for Europe and Russia at the NSC

Should any of these witnesses appear on video giving testimony from the House impeachment hearings, take it with a grain of salt since they are also covering up their own involvement in the take down of President Trump.