House GOP members question Wray’s allegiance

Reports coming out of House Republican caucus suggests that some members have now began stating publicly they have lost confidence in FBI Director Chris Wray.

The House GOP members are convinced Wray’s not part of the FBI cleanup nor is he cooperating with Attorney General Barr’s investigation into the cover-up of SpyGate scandal by refusing to release documents or allowing staff to be interviewed.

Cracks between Wray and Barr were made apparent during Wray’s testimony before the  Senate Appropriations Committee. During his testimony last month Wray was asked about Barr’s use of the word “spying” to describe what the Trump campaign and administration faced prior to the 2016 election, and Wray said that was “not the term I would use.”

President Trump has also had his fill with the man who replaced James Comey to head up the FBI. Trump in numerous tweets said that Wray was too conflicted to the culture that allowed for the spying on a President-elect to uncover the fraud and corruption.Trump also said Wray was there to protect the deep state status quo.