Weinstein’s new best friend may be Manhattan DA’s office

Harvey Weinstein will turn himself in to the NYPD Friday morning for arraignment on two counts of rape. One in the first degree and the second count to rape in the third degree stemming from two women’s allegations.

Weinstein will only be charged with two counts on Friday despite over 80 woman having come out with charges that the former film mogul violated their human dignity with lecherous acts.

The man who almost singlehandedly empowered woman to begin the #MeToo movement (along with Bill Cosby) will only be charged on two felonies for now.

There are two thoughts that come to mind after spending many years seeing how the District Attorney’s office and the NYPD works.

One: The want to get him into the system. Take your two strongest cases before a judge. Have him booked. Take his passport since he has the means to be a flight risk and put up a large bail request.

Two: Once booked, now you can request all the information you need to make further charges. Financial, business and travel records are all available due to charges. It’s no longer a fishing expedition, it’s a criminal case.

So when the criminal trial comes up and it will be in NYC, not California, the charging document may look more like a small telephone book and not the two-count indictment that will be presented this morning at Manhattan Supreme Court.

One other interesting aspect comes out of today as well. Weinstein, facing a life in prison, may become a bit more chatty with the Manhattan’s DA office on what he knows about a host of other people.

You have to know Weinstein was a large contributor to all things Democratic. From Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama to a host of other national political contenders and state office holders.

What he has witnessed, been told about and/or funded may be of interest to the authorities. And that’s where this could become very interesting.

Happy Memorial Day to all and take a moment to think about all the young men and woman who laid down their lives for us over this holiday weekend.



May Day in NYC, Mayday, Mayday

Well its May Day here in the socialist capital of the US and rest assured New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will be out in force today at whatever anti-Trump rally he can find.

De Blasio, born Warren Wilhelm Jr., has taken NYC down such a horrendous path with his populist politics — where police officers are no longer allowed to keep order on the streets for fear of being labeled a racist or bully, since they are under constant surveillance with body cameras.

New Yorkers trying to get to work (which is what May Day celebrates– workers) now have to negotiate the streets with emboldened panhandlers aggressively soliciting hand outs as the sidewalks are littered with cardboard signs claiming every type of hard luck from Attention Deficit Disorder to “Need Weed, Not Feed”.

Surely most of these people need help in their lives, but the de Blasio Administration has chosen to “empower” them with their freedom to be homeless instead of providing needed housing and programs.

Also de Blasio when wanting to be considered a “man of the people” during the latest election took his photographer out to ride the subway. However the mayor cleared out the subway car and used staffers as commuter in the shot. Man of the people — as long as they are his people.

If de Blasio is the face of the new Democratic Party (which he certainly believes he is as he travels across the US) then there should be no fear from the right. Since this man’s politics barely play out in the outer boroughs of the city.

He has ambitions, but little practical ability to take his socialist agenda any further than The Bronx on ramp to the George Washington Bridge. The American people would see right through him.

My thoughts on Q-Anon and Golden Globes

While I was off last week on vacation, I took to researching Q-Anon, which is a handle for a perceived Trump Administration insider posting on the 4Chan and 8Chan bulletin chat boards.

It appears to many aware of this account that it comes from individual(s) close to the White House because of verified photos posted that were taken on board Air Force 1.

There are many — call them hits — that have been cryptic mentions on these bulletin boards under the name Q-Anon, which is the nomenclature of the site, that have come to be in the following weeks after posting, including the writing about the presidential order last month on cracking down on human trafficking by going after the money behind it.

I’m still not so sure about this, but there are many followers who are deciphering every detail of the posts to gleam a look into the immediate future.

That being said the latest posts appear to have the Clinton’s and Huma Abedin being probed in a new investigation over the foundation. As well as some news regarding the recent California wildfires in both the San Fransisco Bay area and Los Angeles area.

Not sure if anything will come of these posts, but if recent history is a guide, we could see more headlines coming up.

Reading accounts of Sunday night’s Golden Globe awards (because I could never bring myself to watch), I could not get past the irony of the whole night.

While last year’s event was all about bashing President-elect Trump and how they had to band together to battle the incoming administration.

Well this year’s event — marked by most actors and actresses wearing black —  was to protest the pervasive acts of sexual harassment within Hollywood.

However, who were the perpetrators of these horrendous acts? Hollywood’s biggest Democratic supports.

These actresses saw the enemy and it is them and for many they remained quiet for years because of the culture that perpetrated sex, silence and obedience to the Democratic party in order to work.

So now, the women of Hollywood have banded together to enforce change. I hope it goes well, but perhaps they should look to the allegiances with their political party that allowed this to go on for so long and did nothing but take their money.

I spent 8 years with someone who was "Not my President"

I spent the last eight years with a president that certainly did not have an agenda that I could support.

I was looked on as a pariah by the Obama Administration. I was what was wrong with this country.

Unfortunately for me I was born a white male in the early 60’s, so therefore I was privileged and seen as a good revenue source to fund the White House’s socialistic agendas for people who have been less fortunate than I.

Because I stayed in school and studied hard and was able to make a career for myself, I was considered part of the problem and my savings and earnings were going to be used to right this wrong.

Not once over the last eight year did I take to streets to say “This is not my President.” No that’s not how my generation works.

The ranks of the America middle class shrunk by 30% over the time President Obama has been in office, while the lower class grew.

What the administration forgot while attempting to empower the niches of American society is: The middle must hold.

If you don’t have a thriving middle class, you have a bifurcated society of haves and have-nots, like we have today. Under this administration the term “99 percenters” came into vogue because these socialistic policies decimated working Americans, while his monetary policy enriched Wall Street and Silicon Valley.

The Obama  Administration spent the past eight years doubling the national deficit to $20 trillion without one year with 3% GDP growth.

Here’s where the former middle class Americans stand today:

  • Some 95 million Americans can’t find jobs and are out of the workforce.
  • 43 million Americans are on Food Stamps or SNAP as they call it now. Up 20% since the 2008 election.
  • 20% of American families have no one in the workforce.

That is why Hillary Clinton lost. The American middle class did not say “This is not my President” in the streets, they said it loud and clear in the voting booth.

Don’t blame President-Elect Donald Trump for the last eight years, no, look no further than the total repudiation of the Democratic Party and its socialistic policies as the cause for this voter revolt.