The White House may be looking forward to impeachment hearings

Last week I wrote that Ezra Cohen-Watnick was most likely the CIA whistleblower over the Ukrainian phone call between Present Trump and President Volodymyr Zelensky.

I came to that conclusion from many facts in Cohen-Watnick’s career including that he was briefly on former Vice President Joe Biden’s staff before moving over to Lt. Gen Mike Flynn’s Defense Intelligence Agency. This could give the former CIA national security analyst the cloak of acceptability for the Democrats.

I also explained how Trump trusted Cohen-Watnick and put him on ex-Justice Department chief Jeff Sessions staff after his ouster from the White House by National Security chief H.R. McMaster.

Now I’m not so sure this was a counter intelligence Deep State move against Trump or a brilliant disguise to force the Democrats hand into impeachment?

The reason for this thought was easily demonstrated once the President released the full transcript of the call. A commanding designation pronouncing a quid pro quo takes strong partisan bias to arrive there.

The transcript offers no clear cut example of one hand washing the other without either deleting 500 words between phrases or as in the case of Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff making up the interpretation of the call from out of whole cloth.

So what benefit does the impeachment process give the Trump Administration?

Well first impeachment is a political process, not a trial covered by the federal courts. Should the House vote by a simply majority, the “indictment of charges” or articles of impeachment are passed to the Senate where a “trial” is presided over by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

In the Senate, which is controlled by the Republicans, they can take up the charges or not depending on an interpretations of past impeachment trials. While the Constitution grants the right to impeach and the mechanism to do it, it says nothing on how the trial may be conducted.

Should the Senate take up the trial, which has no appeal process, the White House can present any material in their defense. They would be granted wide latitude to mount a defense.

This to me sounds as if Trump’s lawyers could use its own intelligence with Impunity to question motives of House committee leadership bringing forth the action.

If you do the math, Democrats would need 67 Senators to approve the conviction, a Herculean task given the make up of the chamber.

However, nothing will move forward until House Speaker Nancy Pelosi changes the current stage from an impeachment inquiry to a formal vote on the House floor.

Right now she has the headlines without jeopardizing the future of the party.