Did President Trump tip off Durham’s hand?

President Trump on Sunday morning told Fox’s Maria Bartiromo what I have been telling my readers for three years.

The corruption to take down Trump goes all the way to the Obama Oval Office and that this was the “insurance policy” that ex-FBI agent Peter Strzok wrote to ex-FBI lawyer Lisa Page.

In blunt language the president put the blame for this unlawful spying campaign on both Obama and his veep Joe Biden.

Given Trump’s forceful accusations I believe US Attorney John Durham may be about to roll out indictments of the major players in the “Russia Russia Russia” hoax.

My guess is that Strzok and Page will be among the first indictments to be unsealed with perhaps ex-FBI agent Joe Pientka being a cooperating witness. How far up the Justice Department chain of command will the indictments reach will be the first tip as to further Obama administration staff charges.

Stay tuned.