Kavanaugh’s Gitmo answer

Did anyone else find Senator Lindsey Graham’s questioning of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh invigorating?

Graham asked Kavanaugh about the difference between civil and military law in the Constitution.

Kavanaugh explain that it is settled law with many precedents “for the law of armed conflicts” and how there are differences between that law and civil law.

The Supreme Court nominee cited Johnson v Eisentrager as being a precedent for declaring an American citizen an enemy combatant. Sometimes they are prosecuted civilly other times in the military, Kavanaugh testified.

Graham went on the say that Nazi collaborators were executed as a result of that case and Kavanaugh agreed.

Kavanaugh said there is a well developed body of law before 9/11 that understood the differences between criminal law and and the law of armed conflicts.

This three-minute exchange sent a message to those in the know that prosecution will not be in a federal court in DC, but perhaps in Gitmo.

So whether Rep. Devin Nunes releases the FISA document into the Congressional Record or President Trump declas-sifies the document we have been given a window into the appeals process for all the alleged treasonous officials involved in the throwing of the 2016 presidential election.

So let’s get on with the show.