Military operation in downtown LA hours after Trump’s SOTU human trafficking comments

Hours after President Trump gave his historic State Of The Union speech on Tuesday night an unnerving video popped up on the Web showing military helicopters descending on the streets of downtown Los Angeles.

The military operation was conducted by the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, more widely known as the Night Stalkers using quartet of MH-6 Little Birds helicopter and military troops operating in front of an office building that houses a Guatemalan aid organization.

In this video we see military helicopters flying down Wilshire Blvd. landing briefly to pick up troops carrying what appear to be boxes and flying away. The operation shows the tight windows each of these helicopters need to navigate to land and take off before the next copter comes in to pick up more military personnel.

There is information that this was a military training exercise, which would make sense since it would be nearly impossible to pull off this type of operation without wide social media coverage in downtown LA.

However the timing and location of this operation is curious since it comes so soon after President Trump spoke about the humanitarian horrors on the southern border with human sex trafficking and gang-related drug smuggling.

During the speech the president also spoke about the new caravans coming up from Honduras and Guatemala, which may play into why this location of a Guatemalan aid organization was chosen.

More information when it is available.


Random thoughts on job numbers, Super Bowl

Here’s some random thoughts on today’s news.

January’s jobs numbers blow away estimates. New jobs at 304K vs. 165K estimate with average hourly earnings rising 3.2% in line with estimates.

Labor Department says unemployment rate ticked up to 4.0% on the government shutdown.

Look for stocks to soar as job growth gains while the Fed is dovish on rate rise.

Why is now a Super Bowl week tradition that news comes out about people being arrested for human sex trafficking at the site of the game? The last four years or so I have seen these stories.

It’s disturbing on so many levels because it’s not limited to just adult women being imported. Disgusting.

Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren called out Sears/Kmart owner Eddie Lampert for what he has done to the once iconic retail chain.

The Massachusetts senator wants the billionaire hedgie to answer eight questions by Feb. 14 about his plan to buy Sears out of bankruptcy.

Now of course Warren is grandstanding, since Lampert is not compelled to answer to Warren about anything. And of course Warren is so out of touch since the federal bankruptcy court in White Plains, NY is likely to decide the fate of the retailer on Feb. 4.

While Warren says she is sticking up for the workers, if Lampert does not take control again of the retailer, then the creditors will liquidate the chain and no one will be working.

But don’t let that business mumbo-jumbo stop Warren from pounding the table for a cheap sound bite.

This is for some of my new readers. Deutsche Bank is teetering on the brink of a huge reorganization in order to wind it down.

Take a look at this award-winning video I did on this long-time troubled financial firm.