De Blasio opts out of dog catcher race

Ex-mayor Bill de Blasio has “decided” he will not run for governor of New York.

As if he had to make that decision given that he has no support in the state.

With no one backing him with cash or other votes according to the latest polls, de Blasio declared, “But I am going to devote every fiber of my being to fight inequality in the state of New York,” in a 90-second clip posted on Twitter.

After running the city into its demise for eight years, de Blasio could not run for dog catcher for fear he would do to Fido what he did to the groundhog in Staten Island.

Some recent polls showed de Blasio was less popular with New York democratic voters than former President Donald Trump, which is saying plenty in the Empire State.

So what should de Blasio do with his time?

I would hope he stays out of politics, but he has no skills to do anything else. His super progressive leanings have already backed his successor Eric Adams into a corner as crime has surged in Midtown Manhattan and elsewhere in very short order.

De Blasio’s message seems to have been picked up by newly elected Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, who many in the city see as a dead man walking with his ultra-progressive stance on crime. and prosecution.

Although he was out of office, I would pin the murder of Michelle Go, who was pushed onto the subway tracks in Times Square Saturday, squarely on the shoulders of the ex-Mayor, since his progressive ideals put mentally ill people back on the streets during CoVid without any real support.

To be honest, if I never had to write his name again in a post then New York and America would be a better place. Unfortunately, with his ego and hubris I do not believe this is the last column that mentions Bill de Blasio.