Kavanaugh’s robe and Feinstein’s bracelets

The Brett Kavanaugh saga appears to be coming to a close as the FBI wraps up its seventh investigation into his past.

I also believe the FBI will continue its probe of the circumstances behind how Dr. Ford’s allegations were handled by Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein and her staff. The senator had Dr. Ford’s charges at the end of July and did nothing with them until after the Kavanaugh hearing.

Never raised the issues until somehow Dr. Ford’s name was released to the media and her allegations were made public. It was the same playbook as was used to get the FISA warrant. Leak information to friendly journalist on the left and then say “Aha” we should look into this in order to delay the vote.

I believe Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will call for a vote Wednesday and it may happen Thursday or Friday. There will be howls from the Democrats and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer but it will fall on deaf ears. I would be impressed if Kavanaugh is placed on the court by a 53-47 vote.

So what did all this get us? A Supreme Court Associate Justice who had a hand in writing the most draconian law in our nation’s history and not a word was spoken on it at his hearing for a life-time appointment.

I’m talking about the Patriot Act, which was passed into law soon after the 9-11 tragedy. I would have liked to hear his thoughts now on the implementation of this law and its conflict with many of the rights we used to enjoy from the Bill of Rights.

But alas no words on that, because he threw ice in someone’s face in a bar while in college. Fantastic. Glad it was dumbed down for us, so we didn’t have to expend anymore brainpower on it other than who we believed.

My next question is when will we see the unredacted FISA warrant?

This needs to happen relatively soon if you want it to filter down to the electorate in time for the midterms. This report will not get wide play in the media at first, the liberal bias will not allow for a team from the NY Times or Washington Post to dig in like they will on a 25 year-old tax dodge story involving President Trump’s father.

But I get ahead of myself.


The left’s protests are heating up and how Republicans should respond

As I wrote last week we are in dangerous times as liberal activists — feeling emboldened — continue to confront Republicans in public.

The continuation of public face offs will not end well for America. Escalation of the confrontations will take it to a threat level that will bring the country to a boil.

News coming out of Washington DC this month is said to be — by sources — earth-shattering to the status quo. So this animosity between the left and right — as a simplification of the participants — will only get more heated and perhaps violent.

While Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was confronted outside a restaurant over the weekend with just chants to abolish ICE in his home state of Kentucky, it is at least the second time he has been involved in a face-to-face showdown with activists.

One protestor shouted: “We know where you live, Mitch! We know where you live,” which should be a stern warning to McConnell’s protection detail and other Republicans that there are people out there who may wish to recreate the shooting of Republican lawmakers on the baseball field in Maryland.

The ultra left-wing of America feels like it has been losing every important battle since the 2016 presidential election and their blood is boiling. Contempt for President Trump and all things Republican is running so high that something big may happen to rock them to their core.

But before that happens, let’s hope the protestors keep to chanting and not take it to the next level. I believe releasing the unredacted Justice Department’s investigation into what the FBI’s actions were during and after the 2016 election would go a long way to showing the level of corruption from the left’s power center.