No one is kissing in Times Square anymore

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio responded Monday to the second shooting in Times Square in as many months by flip-flopping on his defund the police edict.

De Blasio — appearing with his perceived optics choice in NYPD Chief of Department Rodney Harrison, a black man, instead of NYPD Commissioner Dermet Shea, a white man — said “Bottom line is, we are going to flood the zone in Times Square with additional officers.”

The last time Shea was at the daily de Blasio news conference, it was to speak about an NYPD program to engage children and teens with positive interactions with police through sports and other cultural programs.

Harrison had little information on the specifics of the shooting but said, “We’re not sure what the motive was from yesterday. I’m not sure if it’s from CDs or street dancing, but the investigation is still ongoing and we’ll get down to the bottom of it.”

That’s top-notch intel right there.

One thing Harrison did confirm was that NYPD will bring back plain clothes officers to the streets. This was one of the most effective measures to get illegal guns off the streets, since no perp will brandish a gun was faced with confronting an uniformed officer.

De Blasio had panned the use of plain clothes officers during the BLM riots last summer.

And so begins the rebirth of Manhattan tourism. Unfortunately many out of towners do not wish to play first person shooting games in Times Square.