2020: The year of living dangerously

Welcome to 2020 readers. This could be the most important year in American history since the Civil War.

I don’t say this lightly, since we truly have a House divided, which cannot stand. America is at a real divide with impeachment hanging in the balance.

But that is not the only circumstance that makes 2020 the focal point in history. We have a federal investigation continuing looking at treasonous activity by the Obama administration into spying on the Trump campaign and presidency.

What I have reported in the past indicates to me this operation within the Obama White House could bring America great unrest as the criminal investigations are revealed.

I am hesitant to believe all the wrongs perpetrated on President Trump will be unveiled due to the scope of the wrongdoing. If all comes to light, then it could collapse the existing political system and create a firestorm that most in Washington may not survive.

This is not hyperbole.

This year the unfolding events have the possibility of making the 2020 election anti-climatic. How wide the corruption and criminal behavior is revealed and acted upon will be what historians are still writing about a century from now.

Perhaps there will be no one at that time to call them conspiracy theorists.