This election the Penn. is not mightier than the sword

The Electoral College map below represents the truest tally we have on Thursday morning.

There is no Office of the President-elect as many states are either in recounts or still tabulating initial results as sketched out in The Epoch Times graphic below.

In Pennsylvania we already have a ruling by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito telling state election officials to segregate late ballots. The state constitution avers that no late ballots should be counted, however state Democratic officials told election officials to tally up late votes.

In Philadelphia and Pittsburgh there are allegations of sweeping voter fraud that need to be validated and adjudicated. This will take some time before anyone can claim a victory.

However, no one wins without Pennsylvania as long as a winner can be claimed. My question is can election officials come to a decision before the middle of Dec. when the  Electoral College certifies a presidential winner?

Should no winner be called by the Keystone state, the certification of the election goes to the House of Representatives to decide the president and to the Senate for the Veep winner since neither candidate will have 270 votes.

In this case each state gets one vote. Since Republicans control 26 state delegations and the Democrats hold 23 states it’s assumed President Trump would win reelection.

There will be plenty of movement between now and then, but this scenario is another path to victory.

On a more parochial issue, Why has New York Governor Andrew Cuomo come out so vehemently against the Covid-19 vaccine announced earlier this week by Pfizer?

Cuomo thrashed the idea of a Trump vaccine as “flawed” saying, “We can’t let this vaccination plan go forward the way that Trump and his administration is designing it.”

Is Cuomo worried that he may have to slash his unconstitutional, draconian powers he amassed under the Covid-19 emergency act if the vaccine is effective?

For good measure, Cuomo on Wednesday cut the number of hours restaurants, bars and gyms — to name just a few businesses– can operate in the state. He also suggested that stiffer lock down measures may be coming in the near future.