When Harry met wokeness

Can someone please tell me why America has any interest in what Prince Harry and his runaway bride Meghan Markle say or do?

The “woke” couple’s views are so far out of sight, like questioning the First Amendment when going after podcaster Joe Rogan over his thoughts in the effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccinations for younger adults. How are their thoughts even relevant to anyone on this side of the pond?

Harry equates his marriage to Markle, who is mixed race, to his mother’s romance with Dodi Fayed who has an Egyptian background. Is that to give him “wokeness” bona fides?

The fact that Harry, whose only claim to fame is winning the ultimate birth lottery, has walked half-way away from his royal obligations and now does a podcast with Oprah, which does not give him any additional credibility with me.

The royals in Buckingham Palace appear to have had enough with the weekly (or weakly) babblings of the once third in line to sit on the throne. Stories have been planted in British tabloids suggesting that Markle’s pauper attitude was so striking that she brought shame onto the family.

In keeping with the British stiff upper lip Harry’s father, Prince Charles, has remained stoic while older brother Prince William remains relatively mum.

I’m reminded of a joke may grandfather told me years ago about Harry’s great-great-great grandfather. “Do you have Prince Albert in a can? Well you better let him out.” It was in reference to the pipe tobacco sold under that name.

An update to that joke should be: Someone needs to put a lid on Harry.

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