The nationalistic bent of the WASP Summer

Off of yesterday’s post, I can see a nationalistic movement happening around the world. We could call it the WASP Summer.

Writing about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s comments on fair and just trade pacts, we have news out of Germany that the people are rising up against  its leader Angela Merkel.

The German people are looking to reverse Merkel’s immigration policies, which has seen over 1 million refugees entering the country since 2015.

In a local election in Merkel’s home district her party came in third behind a new upstart political party bent on closing Germany’s borders.

There are also measures moving through the German parliament to remove the barriers that prevent the military from quelling riots on its soil.

If you combine that with last week’s announcement by Ireland that it did not wish to collect $14.5B in taxes from Apple that the EU says the company owes it and this summer’s Brexit vote, then you have the makings of a WASP Summer, a spin-off of the Arab Spring.

All these measures are in direct defiance of the globalist view of free trade and open borders. But as many have pointed out free trade means chasing the lowest cost of production around the globe.

These trade pacts do little to spur economic growth in first world nations. The cost savings of manufacturing combined with sweetheart tax havens fill the coffers of multinational conglomerates. See Apple again.

This anti-globalist view has a direct impact on the US presidential election. While many Republicans cite different remarks that Trump has made on the campaign trail as the reason for not backing him, I believe the globalists are withholding support from him over his TPP remarks.

The Trans Pacific Partnership is the latest trade pact to push the globalist agenda, but it still needs to be ratified by Congress. So secretive was the TPP that there are no versions of the pact available to the general public to review.

Congressmen and women could only view the proposed agreement in an office in the Capitol Building and were restricted from talking about what the pact contained.

That does not sound like a piece of legislation that should ever be passed.

So the nationalistic fervor may be sweeping the globe in retaliation for the last 10 years of globalist intervention via the coordinated efforts of the central banks and IMF, World Bank and its feeble results to lift the global economy out of a decade-long doldrums.

So while the rhetoric of “Building a wall” and other simplistic jingoisms have popped up during the campaign, the powerbrokers are sweating it out to see if this nationalistic attitude will sway the election. But only Trump can put this word out in terms that an electorate can understand. He has to move voters by telling them this is about a way of life that will disappear.


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