On Election Day it could be curtains

Given the press reports coming out after the final presidential debate it would appear there is no choice in this election.

The headlines and polling data suggest the coronation of Hillary Clinton is just a little over two weeks away.

However, I stand by my initial observation that Americans living more than 200 miles from the ocean will mainly vote for Trump. This area of the country is where most of the economic hardship exists.

Middle America has seen the degradation of life as quality jobs and religious-based way of life have been replaced with a part-time job at a big-box store and a national media saying what you hold dear makes you a racist, bigoted people who are gun nuts.

So depending on where you draw that 200-mile line, the popular vote will be much closer than most think. However the Electoral College votes does not correlate well with that line, since the coastal states have most of the clout there.

That said I don’t see this as a haves versus the have-nots. I believe once the curtain closes on the voting booth, there is a moment for some to think about the future. I don’t think this is tabulated, but I could see the average time it will take some people to vote will be longer than normal.

I don’t think I am giving the voters too much credit, since many will go across the row or down the column of the party of their choice, but the crossover votes may carry the day.

So all that said, perhaps the exit polls may be even less accurate this cycle than normal.


3 thoughts on “On Election Day it could be curtains

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