How I saw a Trump victory last month

Yesterday’s post was very well received by readers of this blog. The number of hits is off the charts compared to the normal average of readers by a magnitude of 10.

I have debated about taking a victory lap in calling a Donald Trump victory 17 days or so before the election. I did not want to take the time, since there was news and events to write about. So I figure this bonus post could serve as a gentle I told you so. Although no one likes to hear that. lol

I wrote three weeks before the vote how the polls were wrong and that once America gets behind the voting booth curtain their choice is their own, without the bias of the questionnaire.

I wrote about how voters who live 200 miles from the coast, you would more likely vote for Trump. This “fly-over country” is suffering the greater pain of this “economic recovery.” Unemployment and underemployment is rampant in this part of the country. The two or three part-time jobs that these Americans hold in order to try to sustain a certain way of life is a hardship that was driving the Trump campaign.

If you look at the county map, you will see how strongly this came true.

I also spoke on the topic of who would concede the election after the last debate when Trump said “We’ll see.” However I also thought the concession would be extended past election night. Well it did spill into the next day, but the bigger win for Trump in the Electorial College made any challenge moot.

I don’t understand how this election, which had bifurcated the nation even still — did not think it was important enough to cast a ballot.

Since the election Trump has been gracious, setting a tone that could bring some of the undecideds into the fold. Let’s not forget there was a super minority of Americans — roughly 48% — that opted not to cast a ballot in this contested election.


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