36 hours left in Obama's rule and no Hillary pardon

The inauguration weekend begins today, As the Obama Administration packs up their offices and are probably shredding enough documents to replenish the Sequoia forest in the northwest.

However, there seems to be one last pardon the White House has not mentioned yet.

Could it be that President Obama will not give Hillary Clinton a get out of jail free card?

I am sure there are pardon discussions filling up much of the last vestiges of the Obama presidency.

This is what I am looking for in the last 36 hours — as I write this — of his time in office. I am sure there is much discussion within the White House over this between the staunch Democratic perma-government officials and the Obama faithful who still remember the harsh 2008 primary run and the dirty tricks the Clinton campaign used to denigrate Obama.

For the same reason Hillary Clinton did not win the election, her unfavorables within the Obama Administration may outweigh her favorables   and she may not get the pardon to ward off any Trump Administration charges.

I’m not sure if a pardon needs to be publicly announced, so the scenario could have be that the 209 pardons and commutations came out on Tuesday and then Obama did a separate quiet pardon on Wednesday for Hillary. That could have happen, but I believe there are enough reporters and leakers to make that public.

Personally, I believe a Hillary pardon did not and will not happen. So let’s see what the Trump Administration does with that?

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