MeToo movement shows wolves are on the left as well

We are almost two months since the Harvey Weinstein revelations of sexual harassment came to light with the #MeToo movement.

The speed and scope of the movement is amazing with more than a hundred men in politics, media and Hollywood have been outed and suffering for their sins.

The household names that have been caught up in the viral campaign is staggering from Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose to Sen. Al Franken and Garrison Keillor.

At this point in the arc, looking at a list of pervs, there is a strong liberal leaning to many of the accused. Besides the four men mentioned above, you have Michael Oreskes the ex-NPR chief editor, Leon Wieseltier the former editor of the progressive magazine New Republic and Mark Halperin, the ex-MSNBC political analyst.

Weinstein of course was also a huge contributor to Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party and its candidates.

All these revelations came to light after the Fox News implosion earlier this year as Bill O’Reilly and news boss Roger Ailes were let go as well as other minor anchors were dismissed over similar sexual harassment accusations.

You could say the pendulum swings back and forth from the left and right.

However, many of the left-leaning men recently cited have a history of supporting women’s rights from the right-to-choose to equal pay and yet in private acted perversely.

The hypocrisy is pallable and should be a bigger wake up call for women who may believe they are in a safe place because of rhetoric, when in fact there are predators in sheep’s clothes knocking on the door.

So now perhaps the pendulum is swinging back as the White House to defending President Trump from a growing chorus of women leveling additional charges. Whether these charges amount to anything more than the Russian collusion allegations is yet to be seen.

But the take away from the #MeToo movement is that women are harassed across the political and economic spectrum to the point where there may be no safe harbor to moor in and that’s a bigger scandal.

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