McCabe’s DC grand jury not the answer to FISA documents release

I’m a little skeptical of the news of a grand jury who has interviewed “more than one witness” in a case involving the ex-Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe.

According to reports, the grand jury has been empaneled for months and has what appears heard testimony from two witnesses in a federal case in DC.

Isn’t this the reason federal attorney John Huber was brought in from Utah? To get around the partisan logjam and move indictments quickly?

How is a federal grand jury empaneled for months only heard testimony from so few witnesses? The prosecutors have subpoena powers to bring in a host of former and current FBI pros to testify. As well as former Obama administration officials.

Pardons do not exclude someone from being able to testify in a federal probe.

It appears this grand jury is being used as a ploy to say “We are investigating” but only once a week when the grand jury is empaneled.

To take the last line of the post: “You didn’t think nothing was HAPPENING did you?

Well that’s a double negative, so yes nothing is happening with this grand jury.

I would think Inspector Clouseau would have more accomplished in the last four months than these investigators.

Ham sandwiches have been indicted a lot quicker than this.

Declas-sifying the FISA documents, which I believe has already been signed through Executive Order by the President but needs to be declared, is the best route to letting Americans know what treasonous acts went on behind the scene leading up to the 2016 Presidential election.

Congress won’t release it obviously, so it’s up to the president to announce his EO to get the damning documents out to the world.


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