Game update: It’s Deep State 4, Q 2 but it’s only the third inning

==================== SPECIAL SUNDAY POSTING ====================

What is the nut graph of the Q-Anon movement?

When you peel away all the layers that have people scratching their heads over not understanding the cryptic language of the poster combined with the nomenclature of the platform being used, you have a desire for freedom and truth.

While some feel the movement is mimicking the hero/savior myth model of Joseph Campbell, with zealots proselytizing great change as a result of the movement, many see it as a cult following a false prophet heralding a highly flawed savior.

As you peel back the layers of this onion, the movement has many disciples who have previously dropped out of caring about politics due to the inability to effect change in the leadership of the country. These are the anons.

Well, the Trump campaign brought them back with a rhetoric never before heard in a presidential election. The brash outsider who overcame many hurdles to be pitted against a consummate professional politician.

So getting back to the original query, the nut-graph (or the reason for the story) is that the level of corruption during the run up to the 2016 presidential election and soon after was so horrendous that it makes Watergate look like what it truly was — just a breaking and entering charge. The charges brought to light by the Q-Anon drops could rock the Constitution to its core.

While the accusations made against the Obama administration and the Clinton presidential campaign can be called treasonous, there are lesser charges brought against long-time Washington lawmen and women that have cost them 20+ year careers in the FBI or Department of Justice. These are the pawns in this tragic play and don’t have the marquee names to change many minds, just yet.

These actual events were brought to light by earlier Q-Anon drops. These are “proofs” in the language of the platform being used to disseminate the criminal charges being alleged. There are actions by participants on both sides of this modern drama that have occurred providing additional proofs.

These proofs are a strong counter-weight to the people trying to say that Q is an elaborate live action role-playing game (LARP).

The building of a constitutional-shaking criminal case takes a tremendous amount of legal wrangling through depositions and charges brought either through secret indictments of plea deals to build a rock solid narrative.

The gathering of hard evidence, with much of it in the hands of competing law-enforcement agencies working in compliance with those charged has taken far longer than first thought.

My thoughts on following Q-Anon are not that this is hero-worship or a hopeful desire to see my partisan thoughts come to fulfillment. No I harken back to the Congressional hearings of Watergate or the Church committee on the CIA abuses, as being a moment — not seen since the 1970’s — to get government back in check.

The term “red-pilled” coming from the “Matrix” trilogy — to be able to see reality when all others see the normalcy of everyday life — pushes Q-Anon followers out to the fringe, creating this Us vs Them counter-culture.

This Us vs Them dichotomy even goes further within the Q-Anon followers. The 8-Chan platform where anons do research into the Q drops continually trash newbies for coming to the boards looking to share wrong or old information.

That being said there are some tremendous researchers on the chans posting great primary research documents from archives that have never seen a Google bot crawl through its database, while others post a topless red-head to keep moral up.

So what am I getting at? Let’s use the old baseball analogy.

While we are only in the third inning of the game between Q-Anon and the Deep State, the score is 4-2 for Deep, however, Q has the heart of the line up coming up soon (in the form of declassifying the FISA report). My only hope is that the game will not get rained out before it can be finished.

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