Does Barr’s new probe into Spygate delay booms?

Just as I thought we were thisclose to getting some detailed information on the alleged spying corruption out of the Obama administration in the lead up to the 2016 presidential election, news comes out last night that Attorney General Bill Barr has appointed another US Attorney to investigate Spygate.

The announcement that John Durham, the US attorney in Connecticut, will lead a new probe to focus on the the time prior to the election and the use and alleged misuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court could delay other releases.

This investigation will run parallel to US Attorney for Utah John Huber’s probe. Huber was brought on by then-AG Jeff Sessions a year ago to look into some of the same matters as well as alleged abuses of the Clinton Foundation.

Sources have said that Huber’s probe was gaining little traction and that only a few key witnesses have been interviewed by his staff.

While the nation is expecting a report this week on ex-FBI Director James Comey’s involvement in the alleged FISA court abuses, it is unclear how Durham’s new probe will effect the release of that information.

Also in question is the release of the unredacted FISA court applications since that would be investigative information Durham’s team would probably like to remain sealed until they can question individuals involved.

Now, I know I have said this repeatedly that the Trump White House would probably like to wait on releasing most of this alleged corruption by the Dims to be closer to the 2020 election — meaning a year from now. This new probe falls into that timeline.

However, some charges need to be brought sooner for the American people to wash the taste of two years of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Dimocrat-fueled bogus investigation into Russian collusion and obstruction.

Time will tell.

2 thoughts on “Does Barr’s new probe into Spygate delay booms?

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