White House building a social media violations database

Ironically off of Wednesday’s post concerning Twitter shadow banning my account when I recently wrote on certain deep state crimes, the White House is building a database of social media free speech violations.

Most of my articles receive thousands of hits off of tweets linking to grayseconomy posts. On Monday and Tuesday my posts fell off the charts due to shadow banning.

Should they have been? I let you decide. Monday’s post on James Comey perhaps being “keystone” to whole Spygate probe and Tuesday’s post on whether AG William Barr’s new probe will delay the release of FISA application declassification.

How do I know I was shadow banned? Because I use Tweetdeck and can see the feeds of the different hashtags I used for the article. So while Twitter told me the Monday and Tuesday posts went up, the article never appeared in the stream of posts under the assorted hashtags.

Fortunately for me I am not solely reliant on revenue from my blog, but many other writers and video producers are and Twitter is taking food off the table for them and their families covertly.

As I proposed late last year, these social media companies should be considered utilities when it comes to censorship. When I talk on my cellphone, Sprint does not come on and say we are ending this call because of what you just said.

The same should be true for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms.

Perhaps there are large scale, class-action lawsuits coming for these biased platforms.

One way around the ban is for regular readers to like and share the posts when they see it to let it go wider than just me sending it out.

I thank you for your time on this.

4 thoughts on “White House building a social media violations database

  1. I was thinking the social media companies should simply be nailed to the law as public utilities, but, after watching this James Corbett video, I’m thrown for a loop and don’t know what to think right now. It’s probably why Trump is going so slowly with it.

    Whatever is going on in the minds at the Whithouse, the last thing we want is to allow it to go the way of the European push for making them ‘publishers’ with full editorial rights.

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