Mueller? Mueller? Mueller?

So what did we learn from Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Wednesday?

First, I do not believe he had much of a hand in writing the report. Despite having plenty of time to review, Mueller was somewhat clueless when lawmakers were quoting from the report.

Secondly, Mueller showed how the investigation was one sided. He and his biased team were not searching for Russian influence in the 2016 presidential election. No they were searching high and low for Trump campaign aides involvement with Russians.

Look at all the questions Mueller said he could not get into. They all revolved around democratic operatives working with foreign spies or Russians to entrap Trump staffers.

Lastly, we learned that the Dems main talking point that “no one — including the president — is above the law.”

Well that didn’t ring true because the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee were above the law since no one was charged with conspiring with Fusion/GPS or Glenn Simpson to pay for and craft the false narrative called the Russian Dossier.

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