Mueller will be mum today

Special Consul Bob Mueller is slated to appear before the House Judiciary panel Wednesday.

While many Democrats including House Speaker. Nancy Pelosi see this as the opportunity to jumpstart impeachment hearings, Mueller will not provide the goods.

Mueller cannot go beyond the report in his comments. His report suggested no collusion or obstruction of justice and he will have to stay on that narrative or risk having charges brought against him for lying to congress.

The weight of Attorney General William Barr releasing declassified documents to refute Mueller is quite real and the former special prosecutor knows this very well.

Committee chair Jerry Nadler and his fellow Democrats will attempt to pry incriminating comments out of Mueller to no avail.

It will be a game of cat and mouse since the Dems will not want to prompt Barr to release damaging information to refute Mueller testimony.

Do not expect any bomb shells because neither side want to open Pandora’s Box at this time.


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