Nunes looks like he will go there with declass documents

It appears Republican California Congressman Devin Nunes will play even a bigger role in uncovering Obama White House crimes than his performance during the Robert Mueller testimony earlier this week.

Nunes, who has the broadest knowledge on SpyGate and FISAgate, is said to be in possession of a treasure trove of declassified documents from Attorney General William Barr’s office.

These documents were declassified by President Trump and given to Barr’s office for a decision on dissemination.

Nunes and his staff have been in front of the spying of Trump associates before and during the 2016 presidential campaign. His questioning of Mueller during the second House session on Wednesday showed the many holes in Mueller’s nearly two-year investigation.

While Mueller generally answered Nunes queries with “I’m not going there,” or “Not under my purview,” the questions certainly pointed out to non-partsian Americans what a charade the Mueller probe was.

Nunes highlighted how Mueller’s team did not speak to any of the principals associated with the creation of the Russian Dossier or how they treated the person that set off this whole story: Joseph Mifsud.


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