Nunes has proof Dems knew Trump was innocent on Russia very early on

A number of declassified documents to be released shortly on FISAgate and SPYgate will show that Obama Administration officials knew that President Trump did not collude with the Russians before any investigations began.

However the exculpatory evidence was not included in any reports on the probe and certainly not in the FISA applications.

House Republican Devin Nunes specifically asked Attorney General William Barr for these documents to be released to him first in order to prove the narrative that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe was in fact a witch hunt, since the predicate for launching the probe was proven false before he was even named.

Nunes could be releasing these documents as early as Wednesday of this week, according to reports.

Nunes may be able to name names within the Obama White House who ordered the  exculpatory evidence to be squashed. He may also be able to cite Congress members who were aware of the president’s innocence, yet still pushed hard for the special counsel as well as impeachment hearings.

More to come.


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