Why Mueller is pushing Trump to release full DOJ Inspector General’s report?

Although I love summer, let’s fast forward to mid-September. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is pressuring the White House through main stream media for President Trump to sit down with him to be interviewed.

Mueller will be calling Trump’s bluff on releasing the unredacted DOJ’s Inspector General’s report on the Carter Page FISA warrant and the complicitness of certain Obama Administration White House staff, Justice Department and FBI leadership.

I can’t see the president blinking on this matter and not pulling the trigger on releasing the report. Yet why would Mueller push the issue?

Surely many of Mueller’s former employees at the FBI and bosses in the DOJ will be implicated in criminal activities once the unredacted report is released. So what is Mueller’s motive?

That’s above my pay grade at the moment, but it’s quite obvious to me that Muller knows the Trump-Russian collusion narrative doesn’t have any legs. Why else would nothing come from him looking into the 2016 presidential election for the last 15 months.

Look for this narrative to work out after Labor Day, as the mid-term elections begin to come into focus.