When did asking the Ukrainians for help become forboden? After Russian Dossier?

===================== SPECIAL SATURDAY POST ======================

We have now completed the second week of the impeachment inquiry into the alleged affair of President Trump’s foreign government involvement in investigating an election opponent.

We are no further down the road of proving a quid pro quo between the US and Ukraine than we were some 14 days ago. In fact we may be further away based on the testimony already given to various House committees.

However, my question is when did it become an impeachable offense to involve foreign governments in our elections — or against a duly elected president?

It seems to be the Russian Dossier was created by foreign nationals using foreign intelligence known to be partisan against Trump to spy in order to spy on American citizens through the FISA court orders.

British spy Christopher Steele created the dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign through the campaign’s law firm Perkins Coie.

And all that was perfectly legal and above board right up until Special Counsel Robert Mueller had his meltdown during Congressional testimony.

Yes, in fact, many of the co-conspirators for the Trump take down were in fact Ukrainians.

The FBI was working with Ukrainian officials in Kiev to leak information about Paul Manafort’s long ties to questionable operations in the country long before he was involved in the Trump campaign.

In May 2018, three Democratic senators sent a letter to Ukraine’s chief prosecutor demanding that he cooperate with Mueller’s probe of the president.

“As strong advocates for a robust and close relationship with Ukraine, we believe that our cooperation should extend to such legal matters, regardless of politics,” said the letter from Sens. Robert Menendez of New Jersey, Richard Durbin of Illinois and Patrick J. Leahy of Vermont.

No Democrat had a problem with Ukrainians back then. They even hired a Ukrainian-owned firm called CrowdStrike to examine Hillary Clinton’s private email server to see if it was hacked, instead of turning it over to the FBI.

Not a peep from Democrats in involving foreign nationals or the Ukraine government in any of these efforts to take down a sitting president. However, it is impeachable to question the ethics of a Democratic presidential candidate running in 2020.

The hypocrisy is so thick you can cut it with a shashka.


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