Barclays CEO’s ties to Jeff Epstein

Barclays bank CEO Jes Staley had both a personal and professional relationship with convicted child sex trafficker Jeffery Epstein.

Staley, the former JPMorgan exec, reportedly quashed the bank’s internal probe’s conclusions that the bank should sever ties with Epstein after his Florida plea agreement for conviction of soliciting an underage girl for prostitution in 2008.

Another of the bank’s internal probe came to the same conclusion against convicted Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff only to have that recommendation ignored as well.

Staley — according to flight logs — visited Epstein’s island in 2015 after leaving JPMorgan, however, he also reportedly had a meeting with him in 2008 while the child sex trafficker was serving time for the Florida offense.

In 2004, Epstein brokering a deal with Staley for JPMorgan to buy a majority stake in the hedge fund, Highbridge Capital Management, which was co-founded by Epstein friend Glenn Dubin. Epstein was paid $15 million for his involvement in the deal.

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