Will Mueller’s report show collusion by the Democrats? Probably not

On Thursday we are supposed to get Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s redacted report on the Trump’s campaign’s alleged Russian collusion.

I have a sense it will be pushed back to Good Friday to dampen the impact for the Democrats since there is no smoking gun.

Two years and multiple millions in costs, Mueller’s non-partisan team has already concluded that there was no collusion or obstruction of justice by the Trump campaign or administration.

We know now the whole probe into this specious charge was the Fusion/GPS report written by ex-British spy Christopher Steele working with Nellie Ohr, wife of Justice Department executive Bruce Ohr.

The Steel report was paid for by the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign through their law firm Perkins Coie.

The Clinton campaign and members of the Obama administration working with “friendly” journalists leaked the dossier to get more “evidence” to present to the FISA court in order to get warrants to spy on American citizens.

We probably will not hear about any of this from Mueller’s report. We will not hear about the spying on Americans such as Carter Page, George Papadopoulos norĀ  Lt. Gen Michael Flynn. There will be no mention of the bugging of Trump Tower just before the 2016 election.

We also will not hear how perverted this whole investigation was. In America you are allowed to investigate a crime. In the dossier case, they investigated presidential candidate Donald Trump looking for a crime. It’s the basic premise and protection afforded all of us under the Fourth Amendment that was violated.

While the first draft of history is usually wrong, I have a sense this first take on Russian collusion will be so spectacularly biased that it will not be worth anything at all except to give testimony to how slanted the media is to this president.

Remember, last week we had the Attorney General of the United States tell a Congressional panel — under oath — that he believes that the president-elect of the United States was spied upon by the Obama administration.

Anybody remember the blaring headlines when that story broke? Were you aghast when you saw the unusual six column, two deck headline across the top of the Washington Post or New York Times?

Of course not. They buried the story inside the paper, very small.

Whenever the report is released, there is no smoking gun. I’ll bet there is plenty of innuendo though that the media will jump on to blunt the force of the report that no collusion or obstruction occurred.

However innuendo cannot be prosecuted. If you could, there would be no one in Congress to react to the story.


FBI’s Baker was “freaked out” by Clinton biases inside DOJ, FBI

On Tuesday closed-door testimony from FBI General Counsel James Baker was released by Representative Doug Collins (R-Ga).

Baker in blockbuster admissions spoke of the whitewashing of Hillary Clinton’s abuses with classified documents on her home server and the destruction of those devices to cover up her violations under the Espionage Act.

However, Comey and others in the Department of Justice swayed Baker away from pursuing any charges against the Democratic presidential candidate.

Baker believed and testified to the fact that Clinton should have been prosecuted for her acts in 2015 for obstruction of justice, at the least, for destroying evidence under the Espionage Act.

Comey’s top lawyer also gave damning testimony on the Russian Dossier and the top-level FBI biases against presidential candidate Donald Trump. Baker says he was “quite worried that the investigation may be driven by political biases.”

Baker — under oath — told of his personal relationship with a top lawyer at Perkins Coie, who was one of several different actors, that brought the Clinton campaign paid for Russian Dossier to his attention. Perkins Coie was the law firm representing the Clinton campaign.

Alleged journalist David Corn working for Yahoo was another actor that spoke to Baker about the dossier and how the FBI should launch an investigation into the Trump campaign.

Lastly, Baker told lawmakers behind closed doors how Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was very serious when Rosenstein suggested he would wear a wire and meet with President Trump in order to spy on and gather evidence to remove the president under the 25th Amendment rule.

So what we have here is sworn testimony on how the Deep State attempted to pervert the 2016 presidential election with lies and cover ups and yet I see no story on NYTimes.com even making not of the story.

If the tables were turned it would be a page one banner headline.