The Democrats main 2020 plank is warped

The Democrats are in disarray for the 2020 presidential election.

At this moment it appears that Bernie Sanders health scare and Joe Biden’s Ukrainian nightmare have pushed Elizabeth Warren to center stage. I’m pretty sure Warren will not be able to take the spotlight for that long before bowing out as the party’s big money searches for an alternative.

Surely, there is no one in the second tier of candidates who has the ability to rise to top of the party’s ticket.

The Hillary Clinton rumor has been floated as well as the outside possibility of Michelle Obama coming out of retirement to claim the White House.

So what is the Democratic plan for 2020?

It appears the number one Democratic candidate is impeachment with a running mate called whistle blower number 17.

Of course neither will get on the ballot to challenge President Trump next Nov. but impeachment seems to be the most important plank of the party.

So as we close in on the one-year mark until the election, the Democrats appear to be in such disarray that their one true plank is betting on their colleagues in Congress to deliver a much-needed win by undoing the 2016 election.

This is not a position paper the majority of the American electorate wants to take up.


1 thought on “The Democrats main 2020 plank is warped

  1. One can’t help but shake one’s head at what our Establishment has turned out in the way of “politicians”!!! Has anyone heard of the “real” Indian who ran against Pocahantas?!!! His name is Dr. Shiva Ayyyaduria. He recently did an interview with Tiffany Fitzhenry….two “on the ball” type of people, in my humble opinion!!! Maybe America IS waking up to the Caste System that has been operating in this country for decades now!! Let’s bring back Rule of Law & break up this Double Standard system that has been operating in our country for TOO long!!!

    How many have heard of the Fla. policeman that had to flee to Russia to live because his unit there in Fla. was so corrupt, a “truthful” person couldn’t survive??? His name is John Duggen.(I might have the last name a little wrong.) He is still living there!!

    How about Peter Lavelle who lives in Russia because he can be more free as a newsman to actually be able to discuss current events…..something we can’t seem to do publicly here in the U.S. ????


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