Schiff will get impeachment vote after this circus leaves town

How ridiculous is the impeachment inquiry getting?

On Tuesday we saw the United States ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland flip-flop on his testimony of last week about there not being a quid pro quo on Ukrainian aid.

Also on Tuesday Rep. Adam Schiff’s committee heard testimony from a State Department staffer, who did not know about the call until the transcript was released. He stated he read the transcript an clearly saw the quid pro quo.

It really is a three-ring circus.

How Sondland came to remember something that his previous testimony and text communications with William Taylor Jr., the then US diplomat in Ukraine, are now in error is beyond me?

Sondland told Taylor that the president had been clear there was no quid pro quo between the US aid and the Biden probe.

Someone or something was used to jog Sondland’s memory, but I’m not sure we will get to the bottom of that.

As I said early last week the House will vote to approve Articles of Impeachment at the end of this. It was baked in from the start.

However, as other events unfold this Ukrainian phone call will be a blip on the radar screen after the release of Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report and US Attorney John Durham’s probe on the origins of Russian collusion.


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