Russia, Russia, Russia chorus shields Ukraine corruption

On Monday I wrote about how republican senators can play offense on the impeachment hearing after House republicans played solid defense on quid pro quo.

I’ve laid out earlier that the democratic chorus of “Russia, Russia, Russia” as the culprits in the 2016 election is a red herring to keep Americans from looking at decades of Deep State corruption in Ukraine.

Trump before he was elected thought it was a foolish idea not to have relationship with Russia. I totally agree, but there are trillions of dollars counting on Putin being the boogie man.

Look how bad the Russians are: Its annual GDP is $1.5 trillion with a per capita income of $10,743, which is lower than New York state’s $1.7 trillion with a per capita of $64,579. Russia is ranked 49th in the world by the International Monetary Fund on a GDP per capita basis just losing out to St. Kitts.

Hell, this country can hardly pay the electrical bill to hack our election.

This whole impeachment farce was brought about because President Trump raised the issue of Crowdstrike on the call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The Deep State knows that the Hillary Clinton/DNC servers are in Ukraine in the Crowdstrike offices and that the contents of the servers brings plenty of pain for the President Obama White House.

The fact that Crowdstrike would not let the FBI examine the actual servers, but instead provided images of the server, speaks of the complicity between all the parties.

Look who the democrats cite as proof it was the Russians. The intelligence community. The same actors who tried to take Trump down. CIA, DIA, State Department along with the DOJ and FBI.

No Ukraine was the basis of operations for the 2016 Trump takedown. Christopher Steele was there collecting his false narrative on the dossier. Nellie Ohr was working with operatives in the country. Some of Paul Manafort’s false accusations were constructed there as well.

Ukraine is the key to unlocking the corrupt covert operations during and after the 2016 election and I believe the democrats are just now realizing that this may not the hill they wish to die on.


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