Bloomberg’s incomplete pass with NFL ads

I hope all my readers had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with special times with family and friends.

As I celebrated the holiday watching a little football I noticed early on the Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg ran two commercials during the early game and then additional ads throughout the day.

I’m pretty sure the nationwide NFL football audience is not part of the billionaire’s core supporters. His ads point to his work on climate change and social causes, which probably do not resonate with most of the country.

Nevertheless the media tycoon, who is said to be worth $54 billion, has already pledged roughly $40 million in ad buys as well as $100 million in digital ads directed against President Trump and an additional $20 million for a voter registration drive.

I do not believe — but I could be mistaken — that in the ads Bloomberg identifies as a Democrat. His campaign is also directed towards Trump and not his fellow primary opponents.

This may be the smartest move on his part as upcoming reports on the Spygate fallout from Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz and US Federal Attorney John Durham will damage long-time entrenched Democrats currently in the running for president.

Bloomberg knows a third-party candidate can’t win, but an independent running as a Democrat could have a chance for the party nomination.

That said, I can’t see Bloomberg getting much traction in Iowa or the other early state primaries with his liberal views on government being so intrusive in people’s lives. Think about his limiting the size of soda policy in NYC when he was mayor.

I’m thinking there is a “soda jerk” reference coming from President Trump in the not so distant future when he deems in necessary to notice him.


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