Professor Karlan only impeached herself from the High Court

Well I think we got a pretty good idea of what the Supreme Court would have looked like if Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election Wednesday at the impeachment hearings.

Pamela Karlan, a law professor at Stanford, describes herself as an example of a “snarky, bisexual, Jewish women”.

However, the mental contorsions Karlan exhibited during her testimony showed what a truly partisan “never Trumper” would look like on the court. Her analogy of hurricane victims suffering because of aid being held up fell flat and had no basis in reality to the matter at hand.

Equally Karlan bringing up President Trump’s son Barron was ill-advised and wrong. Karlan did apologize later after she discovered that the First Lady tweeted that her young son should not be part of the debate.

No despite Karlan’s many years of award-winning leftist law accolades and clerkships, she could not control her Trump Derangement Syndrome. At some points early in her testimony she was almost screaming her agreement to the softball questions tossed by Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee.

So while Karlan may have been considered for the High Court earlier, her performance Wednesday certainly impeached her future. She will remain in her high tower at Sanford Law or wherever screaming “Orange Man Bad!”


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