Whistleblower, Schiff whistling Dixie: Ratcliffe

Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell stated Tuesday after President Trump’s legal team finished their impeachment defense presentation that he did not have the votes to end the trial.

On Wednesday and Thursday the Senate will be asking questions of the two sides before taking the vote Friday on whether witnesses will be called.

Senate Judiciary committee chairman Lindsay Graham stated that he has the votes to bring Joe and Hunter Biden along with Rep. Adam Schiff and the whistleblower to the Senate well for questioning.

I believe this is a shot across the bow of the Democrats to see what is more important to them: Impeaching the President or Biden and Schiff.

Bringing Schiff to justice by making him testify could open a huge can of worms as Rep. John Ratcliffe has stated recently.

The Texas Republican has questioned why Schiff has not released the secret House bunker testimony of Michael Atkinson, the Inspector General of the Intelligence community.

Schiff has repeatedly stated that he has released all testimony from 17 witnesses, but Ratcliffe says he witnessed Atkinson’s testimony and it lays out a bad scenario for the House impeachment case.

Ratcliffe states that the Atkinson testified that the whistleblower was not truthful in his dealings with Schiff and his staff as well as making allegations that were untruthful about what he witnessed about the call.

So McConnell may not have the votes on Tuesday evening to end the trial with a simple majority, but he may find by Friday morning to be in a very different place.

Enjoy the show.


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