What to expect when you’re expecting impeachment

President Trump received good news on Freedom Day as the US Senate voted not to call witnesses in his impeachment trial.

Despite the Senate being criticized by House Managers prior to the vote for not doing as the American people want, the vote of 51-49 passed with Republican Sens. Mitt Romney and Susan Collins voting along with the Democrats.

Freedom Day was celebrated Friday as Brexit became official across the pond.

The Senate will reconvene the trial on Monday with four hours of closing arguments on the two articles as voters in Iowa meet for its caucus. On Monday the Senate will be in session after the closing arguments with members giving speeches on the floor on how they will vote.

On Tuesday there will be additional speaking time on the floor followed in the evening with the President expecting to give his State Of The Union speech in the House. It would not surprise me in the least if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi postponed the invitation to speak sometime before that.

On Wednesday at 4pm the Senate will reconvene the trial and hold two votes on the individual articles of impeachment. The vote is expected to acquit the President of all charges.

This certainly will not mark the end of House Democrats trying to impeach the President. Look for new hearings to begin as early as mid-February in the House. Rep. Adam Schiff will look to subpoena former Trump National Security Advisor John Bolton to testify against the President.

Pelosi and Schiff know time is running out on their ability to tar the President before the 2020 election and cannot wait for a Supreme Court ruling on the validity of executive privilege, which is at the heart of getting testimony.

Look for the Pelosi commemorative impeachment pens on eBay sometime soon.


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