Trump’s next title bout against Covid-19 is one he can’t lose

President Trump goes into this title bout undefeated in the last 6 years, but this could be his biggest challenge since no opponent has laid a glove on him.

During the 2016 presidential nomination prelims Trump took on a bunch of tomato cans called Carson, Cruz and Rubio, all of who were fighting above their weight class, and dismissed them early.

He so damaged the contender Jeb Bush with cutting remarks and high energy that after the bout Bush was forced into retirement. Never to be heard from again.

Trump’s first title defense came against an aging Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who attempted to employ a two-year Russia, Russia, Russia rope-a-dope strategy trying to tire the president’s legs.

The scheme did not work however, because by the last round Mueller had taken such  punishment that he could not not remember where and why he was in the fight proclaiming to the referee at the end, “Not under my purview”.

Not to sit on his laurels, President Trump found he quickly was in another title bout with an under-sized gym rat named Adam Schiff. The Californian deployed illegal rabbit punches and hit below the belt many times on the break, but that did not slow down the mauling Schiff took in the Senate.

In the end all Schiff could do was throw in the towel while screaming at Jerry Nadler not to go out for the last round.

Trump was declared the winner on points against the Schiff, Nadler and Nancy Pelosi fight card.

Now comes his next scheduled title defense in Nov. against a journeyman fighter, who frankly has taken to many shots to the head sparring against younger opponents.

Most writers believe the fight is just being set up as a final payoff for Joe Biden after years of tooling other Democratic opponents. It appears true since Biden is not doing any road work or appearing to promote the event.

However, some Wall Street promoters are attempting to stage a bigger card with Trump taking on the largest heavyweight in any division.

Can the champ find the right strategy to jump start the closed US economy?

While all agree this title bout could be a huge payday for all of us, no pre-fight banter or jawboning with the press at weight-in will carry the day.

No, President Trump needs to employ all his tools to come out victorious in this “Fight of the Centuries.”

Given his unblemished record and tenacity, I believe President Trump can beat this chump. But he will need to win the early rounds if he wants any chance to keep the champion belt on points.

I can just about hear: “Let’s get ready to rumbleeeeeeeee.”


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