Cuomo needs to come up with a quicker plan to reopen NY

New York state Governor Andrew Cuomo believes he will keep New York City locked down until June 1st at the earliest.

In his daily remarks on Monday Cuomo cited CDC guidelines on decreasing hospitalizations with a buffer of open beds as one of the prerequisites for opening up any region of the state.

It appears from his remarks — citing that the North Country being one of the least affected regions of New York — that the governor will use Plattsburgh, with a population just under 20,000, as a test case for re-opening the state.

On Monday we here in New York City had our first beautiful spring day, which coincided with a flyover from the Navy’s Blue Angels and Air Force’s Thunderbirds.

Many hundreds of thousand of people hit the streets of the city for these two coinciding events. There were more people in two city blocks along the river Monday than in all of that small hamlet in Clinton County along Lake Champlain.

No, the best laid plans in Albany will not be able to continue until June. Individuals — by the thousands on a daily basis — will decide the voluntary lock down has run its course as  economic needs and freedoms take hold.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s hollow threat to begin enforcing social distancing violations with summonses and/or arrests does not have any teeth.

You see have this legal document called The Constitution. I avers our right to assembly among other things. As I wrote earlier, no American gave up these rights, we volunteered to work with government to stop the spread of Covid-19.

President Trump heeded to the medical and consultant experts early on — using their alarming modeling projections of millions of deaths — to take monumental steps to arrest this contagion.

The American people for the most part acquiesce. Turning in our rights to free speech and religious worship along with the right to assemble and pursue liberty voluntarily for the alleged better good based on flawed early information.

However, Americans did not suspend those rights. They did not vote to shelve the Constitution. No they heeded the request of government.

Many New Yorkers will take matters into their own hands and Cuomo and de Blasio are aware that the charade that they can suspend basic rights is but a mirage, which the longer it goes on the more that mirage will vanish for people.

New York’s leadership better come up with a different plan soon, because the current ideas are a nonstarter.


2 thoughts on “Cuomo needs to come up with a quicker plan to reopen NY

  1. This is a live exercise testing the willingness of the people to accept arbitrary dictatorship by individuals who are petty officeholder.
    The illness is real but no basis to toss the Bill of Rights as there is no such basis.


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