I have so many questions

I am truly at a loss for words today. All I have are questions

How does the Seattle mayor and police chief allow their city to be held hostage?

How does said mayor swear to an oath and then allow “protestors” to take over a police precinct?

How is it not widely known that a donation to Black Lives Matter funnels directly to the Democratic Party?

How is Defund The Police even worth a mention?

How is it OK that police officers and their families are being threatened on social media in the US?

How is it that having a pro-police bumper sticker on your car is grounds to thrash the vehicle?

How is it that a thrice-wrong virus “expert” is allowed to scare the public and the economy with another dire prediction that probably won’t be realized?

I have so many questions and unfortunately no answers at this time. It’s Jabberwocky.


2 thoughts on “I have so many questions

  1. Right on, Mike!!!! The good people obey the “rules” & the destroyers get to destroy!!! Makes no sense, does it??? It’s hard to believe the many people who STILL believe they have to wear a mask….is it a law??? C’mon Man!!!


  2. Current political events make sense and if you think about it must make sense if you know the characteristics of previous political upheavals.
    The cultural ideology of current local and state governments is a ‘Higher Law’ negating mere ‘Black Letter Law’ and the concept of ha higher personal law is common. The mayors are not atypical and may hold a majority view which is the individual decides which laws will be dispensed with and when. People like Frey just happen to be mayor.


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