NYC explodes over 4th of July weekend

Lawlessness reigned in New York City over the Independence Day weekend as 52 people were shot with more than eight dead.

With no official word on a planned walk out on July 4th by NYPD, areas of Brooklyn and The Bronx exploded with shootings over the extended weekend.

As Black Live Matter protests continue in City Hall Park and Mayor Bill de Blasio and the City Council passed $1 billion defund the police budget, New York City ignited in more shootings than has been seen in years.

De Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo have so mismanaged their responses to protests and Covid-19 that it appears to be a coordinated effort to damage President Trump.

How else can one describe the horrific events from the killing of thousands of New York nursing home residents by putting Covid-19 patients in with the most vulnerable population to the looting of the city during the George Floyd riots.

I’ve said it before and I will probably say it again, the Democratic leadership in New York have victimized their citizens to such an extent that I can’t see the city coming back in any real measures to the once-great Gotham it was just last year.


4 thoughts on “NYC explodes over 4th of July weekend

  1. Hi Tips. I hope you and your family had a nice weekend. Another great blog. You hit the nail on the head. Stay well & hope to see you soon.


  2. None of it makes any “sense”, does it?!!! But then, pure, vile hatred never HAS made any sense, has it?!! Makes me wonder about Cyrus A. Parsa’s warning about A.I. taking over the Human Race….has it already happened?!!! “Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity”


    • Well, if it is a choice between “artificial intelligence” and little or no intelligence we know what will happen. Besides, it might be that there is only ‘intelligence’ perhaps with ‘artificial’ being a meaningless modifier.


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