New York City is under a shooting pandemic

It’s time to say New York City is under a shooting pandemic.

Over the weekend and spilling into Monday, Gotham had 32 shootings with two deaths. The number of Covid-19 deaths in the city over the same time frame was much less.

The Monday figure of 17 shootings is off the charts and could foreshadow a new surge in lawlessness while New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio fiddles.

The horrific death of one-year old Davell Gardner in Brooklyn on Sunday night from a gunshot wound has many in the city demanding a change in the $1.5 billion “defund the police” tactics pushed by City Hall.

NYPD officials have pointed to no-bail procedures along with criminal courts closures and the release of prisoners from Riker’s Island because of Covid-19 infections as contributing to the rise in shootings.

Other Democrats including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have tried unsuccessfully to pin the surge in violence on economic hardships, which was refuted by statics. Petty crime — such as shoplifting — are down year-over-year, while shootings have soared more than 350 percent over the same time frame.

To put it simply, de Blasio could not even defend his pet project of painting Black Lives Matter on Fifth Ave. in front of Trump Tower. The contentious project was splattered with red paint over the weekend.

That development should speak volumes on how ineffective de Blasio rule is.


1 thought on “New York City is under a shooting pandemic

  1. The 21st Century will be much different for NYC as automation and globalization permanently idles more than 50% of all adults and large numbers of people regress to barbaric levels of behavior.
    The ‘real’ NYC is being revealed.

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