Big Apple is rotten to the core under Cuomo and de Blasio

Finally New York Governor Andrew Cuomo confessed in his Thursday press conference that New York City may not come back to its former self anytime soon.

While not taking any responsibility for the degradation of the city due to the Black Lives Matters rioters and looters, Cuomo said employers may not need all their commercial office space due to the fact that they were able to continue their operations with staff working from home during the Covid-19 shutdown.

Cuomo is no oracle, I have been saying this over the last two months as the shutdown and the “defund the police” initiatives have led to a bloody summer with shootings and other serious crimes soaring.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Type Cuomo into the search bar to get all my earlier posts on how New York City has fallen from grace.

Manhattan workers are fearful of returning to their offices because of the policies pushed through under Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

In a classic scene during Cuomo’s press conference he was asked who will clean up all the graffiti on the buildings in the city since de Blasio said he had no money to do so?

Without mentioning the Mayor’s own tagging of Black Lives Matter on Fifth Ave. outside Trump Tower, Cuomo said it had to be cleaned up. Just get some soap, brushes and a power washer and clean it up, he said.

It’s astonishing to me that neither one of these two democrats will take responsibility for bringing down this once great city by their actions.

The permanent stain on the city will not be cleaned with a power washer Governor.

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