Hey Cuomo, New York is not working under your watch

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo released the state’s jobless numbers on Tuesday and its a grim statistic caused by the havoc brought on the Covid-19 pandemic and the Democrat leadership responses in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death.

The state’s unemployment rate climbed in July to 15.9 percent. That is higher than June’s 15.6 percent jobless rate.

The unemployment rate In New York City was 20 percent in July as many businesses shut down due to rioting and looting associated with Black Lives Matter. The Bronx was hardest hit as joblessness soared to 25 percent last month, the highest rate in the state.

New York state has lost 1.18 million private sector jobs from a year ago figure. The city has 646,000 fewer workers over the same time period.

New York’s 15.9 percent rate is much higher than the national unemployment rate of 10.2 percent.

The news comes as thousands of city residents are flooding soup kitchens and food pantries to find a daily meal, while politicians in both Albany and Washington took off on summer vacation without passing a stimulus bill to extend unemployment benefits.


3 thoughts on “Hey Cuomo, New York is not working under your watch

  1. The “elite” who have been running this Show have no clue how The Normies live & could care less!! Term limits on politicians might be a good start!!


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  3. Like you I was raised as Roman Catholic but I shook much of that off by age 17 when I started having Sex steadily and got out of the damn house. Having been raised RC one can never really be ‘clean’ of course but your perspective makes more sense now.
    At your age you need to move fast but all this bleating while you are being beaten makes sense. Your problem is in your Soul …Cuomo is just another corrupt political hack from degenerate Mediterranean political culture.
    Pack you bags and as the bus pulls out of the Port Authority leave crying Jesus on the platform -you will do better without that old crutch. ‘You feel me’, as Cardinal Dolan might ask you.


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