If 2020 election is a lock, then when will Sen. Harris resign her Senate seat?

In Monday’s post I asked why Sen. Kamala Harris had not yet resigned from her Congressional position? I looked back at the 2008 election and President Obama had already put in his papers to resign at this time. I have asked both the Biden/Harris and California Governor Gavin Newsom media reps the same question. Neither press team has gotten back to me as yet.

I’m going to keep a deliberate watch on California.

In another strange twist, Peter Neffenger — the former Coast Guard Commander who served as Obama’s Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration and is now Chairman of the Board of Directors of Smartmatic, a multinational company that specializes in building and implementing electronic voting systems, which includes using the Dominion Voting Systems software — has been named to Joe Biden’s transition team.

Dominion is at the heart of the alleged election fraud cited by lead lawyer Rudy Giuliani and fellow Trump lawyer Sidney Powell in allowing vote flipping and ballot manipulation on a grand scale.

Just to be clear since mainstream media has not reported this, President Trump and his legal team have not yet filed any federal lawsuits over the 2020 election. Plenty of depositions and affidavits have been taken in support of upcoming suits, however.

You do see reports that judges have thrown out or refused to rule on suits brought by others individuals in battleground states. This does not mean the Trump administration has lost in any way.

However, the Trump legal team led by Giuliani did hold an emergency meeting at The White House on Monday to discuss among other things the decision by Nevada election officials to throw out thousands of votes in Clark County (Las Vegas) in a local race due to “discrepancies” that cannot be explained.

As an aside, 4 years ago at this time Obama and Biden were actively spying on the then President-elect Donald Trump and his incoming administration through bogus FISA court filings, for those with a short attention span. So for Obama to request Trump offer a concession speech now is just so rich.


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