I’ll know the election is over when these three events happen

To all my commenters and readers who told me Tuesday that the Electoral College marked the end of the 2020 presidential election, I have some questions.

If — as you say — that the election is over, then why has Kamala Harris still not resigned her Senate seat? Perhaps the “title” Vice President-elect does not afford her any legal privileges or future security?

Perhaps there is a concern for a upcoming Senate vote that could occur between Jan. 6 and Jan. 20, 2021 after the Georgia runoff election?

Another point on the election being over. Where’s the Covid-19 relief package that has bi-partisan agreement that it has to be done before the Congressional Christmas break?

Surely that should be passed by both House and Senate if Joe Biden is President-elect, right Nancy Pelosi? You have played politics for too long on this aid, while Americans have died.

A study released Tuesday from Visual Capitalist showed that a third of the 17 million Americans behind on mortgage and rent payments face imminent foreclosure and/or eviction in the next two months after a eviction moratorium runs out at the end of the year.

Lastly, I want to read Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe’s report that covers foreign interference in the US election process, which is due on Friday. This report comes out an Executive Order signed by Trump on September 12, 2018.

Sources say Trump got a preview of the report last Saturday when he and Ratcliffe traveled together to attend the Army-Navy football game at West Point.

So if this election is one “to put it in the books”, I expect to see the following three events mentioned above to happen this week.

Let’s see what happens.