What will come from the Electoral College vote today?

Monday brings together the Electoral College in all 50 states to ratify the 2020 presidential election.

While most states bind their electors to vote for the popular vote winner, 17 states allow the electors to vote freely for either candidate.

The results of today’s tabulation will be revealed on Jan. 6th when Vice President Mike Pence opens the envelopes in a joint session with the Senate and the House of Representatives meeting.

Will there be faithless voters in the key battleground states of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin? Not sure we will know before Jan. 6th.

I’ll be monitoring results all day to see if anything is revealed.


2 thoughts on “What will come from the Electoral College vote today?

  1. Right on!!! I was fortunate enough to see our Wrecking Ball, early on, when he was getting on a plane & said, “I’m off to save the world, want to come along?!” That is exactly what is going on….a system that has been “in control” for thousands of years is slowly being dismantled!! Most “Normies” have not a clue as to the evil that has been perpetuated…..& by people that we thought were “nice”!!!

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