FBI: Fraudulent Bureau of Investigation

Let’s look at the stellar performances of the previous two directors of the Fraudulent Bureau of Investigation — James Comey and Christopher Wray.

On Comey’s watch he allowed fraudulent FISA warrants to be sworn out against Trump campaign/administration members in order to spy on the President.

He also swept under the rug any information on Hillary Clinton’s private email server along with the destruction of other servers and BlackBerry phones.

He promoted corrupt upper-level FBI staff to work with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team in trying to perpetuate the Russian Collusion hoax until Comey was finally fired by Trump.

Under Wray’s command it was reported and censored that the FBI had Hunter Biden’s laptop with plenty of incriminating evidence since the summer of 2019 and yet did not act on it. When a whistleblower told of turning over the laptop to the FBI, the agency was mute until after the 2020 election.

We also finally learned this week that the FBI has more than 20,000 documents and the laptop of Seth Rich after professing for 4 years that these documents did not exist in the archives.

While Capitol Police labeled Rich’s murder “a botched robbery”, it is clear that with the FBI “dossier” it lends credence to the “conspiracy theory” that Rich was killed for what he may have known about the 2016 Democratic presidential campaign.

We may or may not get a better idea of the investigation next spring when the FBI releases the documents through a Freedom of Information request made by lawyer Ty Clevenger and associates.

Finally I have to put my judgment of Justice Department chief Bill Barr in question for this and a host of other questionable actions during his tenure. It’s clear he took little independent actions to reign in the lawlessness at the top ranks of the FBI.

And should a Joe Biden presidency prevail, much of what was done will never likely see the light of day.


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