Electoral College can not call a clear winner

Here’s what we learned from the Electoral College vote Monday that you will not see in most mainstream media coverage.

There is no candidate with undisputed 270 Electoral votes, despite the coronation of Joe Biden by the leftist press.

Several key battleground states including: Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, New Mexico, Nevada and Wisconsin have all pledge Republican slate of votes for President Trump as well as a slate for Biden. Michigan GOP leaders attempted to pledge a slate, but were locked out of the statehouse by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer using state troopers.

I’m going to assume a federal court will allow the Michigan GOP slate to be accepted since it was brought forth by duly-elected Electoral representatives operating within the Constitution.

Since these contested states have enough votes to select the winner, the Electoral College will not at this time be able to select a winner.

So now what happens? States that certify both Republican and Democratic ballots to be ratified on Jan. 6, 2021 by  Congress and led by Vice President Mike Pence can choose to accept either slate.

Depending on the results of federal lawsuits and other initiatives between now and Jan. 6th some slates may have better standing for Trump.

Should Jan. 6th not result in a candidate reaching the 270 vote threshold, each state in the House of Representatives gets one vote for President and each state in the Senate gets one vote for Vice President as per the US Constitution.

Republicans hold a 5-6 state majority of votes in this scenario based on governorships and state legislators.

So despite what you see or read at this time, there is no winner and each candidate still has a path to winning with Trump holding an upper hand right now.

Attorney General Bill Barr’s abrupt resignation by Dec. 23 is very curious to me. He gave the standard answer of wanting to spend more time with the family, but if his tenure was going to expire in a month or so, why now?

My high-octane speculation is that there may be a Christmas pardon for whistleblowers Julian Assange and/or Edward Snowden in the offering?

Time will tell.


2 thoughts on “Electoral College can not call a clear winner

  1. Thanks, Michael, for keeping us up-to-date!!! Seem to be rumblings that IT might be about to happen!! I’m sure we’re all as “prepared” as we can be!!

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